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5 个/包 ($1.19/pc),


颜色 黑色 白色 黄色 银色 棕色 红色 
库存数 6000 Piece
单价 ¥17.85
重量 40 g
浏览量 114167


       eGo Blank
 Cartridge with atomizer, can be compared with the standard 510 e-cigarettes and eGo e-cigs.
eGo|510 cartomizer is disposable part--one piece cartridge and atomizer contained in a single unit. you can fill about about 1ml e-liquid.

And one new blank eGo|510 cartomizer can be refilled about 3 times.

How to fill the e-liquid to the blank/empty/old eGo|510 cartomizer:


One new blank/empty eGo|510 cartomizer hold about 1ml e-liquid, but we suggest you do not fill more 0.9ml, and if you old cartomier still can work, just was not e-liquid, you can refill the e-liquid by yourself too, for one old eGo|510 cartomizer, please do not fill more 0.4ml one time.


a.       Remove the eGo|510 cartomizer’s rubber cover 


A eGo|510 cartomizer is one piece cartridge and atomizer contained in a single unit, for filling the e-cigarette e-liquid, you need to remove the cartomizer’s rubber cover first.

how to fill the 510 cartomizer

b.  Take out the eGo|510 cartomizer’s cover 


After remove the eGo|510 cartomizer’s rubber cover, you can find there has a plastic white eGo|510 cartomizer cover (not gold parts) on the top of the 510 cartomizer, take out it.

refill 510 cartomizer(cartridge)


c.  Take out the eGo|510 cartomizer’s rubber washer 

After take off the eGo|510 cartomizer’s cover, you still need to take out the rubber washer.

refill the 510 old cartomizer 


d.  Fill the e-cigarette liquid to the eGo|510 cartomizer 

Now, you can draw the E-liquid inside the syringe, put the syringe into the side(注意:not center) of the eGo|510 cartomizer.


fill e-liquid to the 510 cartomizer


e.  Re-put the parts into the eGo|510 cartomizer 

Reput the rubber washer to the filled eGo|510 cartomizer, the plastic cartomizer cover, the new filled cartromizer is finished now.

eGo迷你Protank-3 BDC雾化器(可调气流版)

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