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eGo大容量标淮电池可用在eGo,eGo+, eGo-T, eGo-C, eGo-W, eGo CE4/CE5/CE6, eGo迷你Protank, eGo H2等eGo系列电子eGo大容量标淮电池是3.7V 1100mAh可充电手动版锂电池,具有连按5次开关功能.充一次电一般可用10-14小时(视你的抽烟频率而定)

 eGo大容量标淮电池-1100mAh  365ecig

颜色 黑色 白色 不锈钢色 红色 黄色 蓝色 绿色 紫色 粉色 
库存数 4500 Piece
单价 ¥32.85
重量 45 g
浏览量 135044


       The eGo MEGA batteries can be used in standard ego, ego-t, ego-c, ego-w, eGo CE4/CE5/CE6, eGo mini protank, eGo H2, type A e-cigarette and their MEGA version.  The e-cigarette eGo MEGA battery is a longer life 3.7 volt 1100mAh rechargeable manual battery with 5 clicks On/OFF switch function. With the USB quick charger, it only takes about 3 hours to fully charge a battery. The average to heavy user can get 6 to 8 hours of use from a fully eGo charged battery

eGo mega 1100mAh battery colorful



eGo MEGA 1100mAh battery

直径: 14mm
长度: 96mm
重量: 45g
电池容量:1100 mAh
电池续航能力:about 10-14 hours.
充电时间:3-4 hours









eGo 1100mAh battery function details

What atomizers/cartomizers can used in eGo MEGA 1100mAh battery?


The e-cig eGo mega 1100mAh battery can work in  eGo-T atomizers, eGo CE4 cartomizers, eGo CE5 cartomizer , eGo CE6 cartomizer, eGo Mini Protank Glassomizer, eGo H2 Clearomizer, eGo-C atomizer, eGo-W cartomizers, 510 atomizers, eGo atomizers, 510 MEGA atomizer, eGo MEGA atomizers, 510 cartomizers, eGo cartomizers, eGo type A atomizers, Nautilus BDC Adjustable Airflow Clearomizer, ect.

MEGA eGo e-cigarette battery

How to Charger the e-cigarette eGo MEGA battery:


You just screw the eGo mega battery with the eGo USB charger (eGo normal battery and eGo MEGA battery use the same eGo USB charger), then plug it into the PC, AC-USB Adapter, Mobile Power or other USB output adapters. The normal charging time should be kept for 3 hours( even if the LED light turns green).

*Tips: All of eGo series batteries: 650mAh eGo battery, 1100mAh mega eGo battery, eGo LCD 650mAh battery, eGo LCD MEGA 1100mAh battery) charged by the same eGo USB charger.

How to Charger the ego MEGA battery

eGo迷你Protank-3 BDC雾化器(可调气流版)

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