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Similar with the real cigarette:
2 Mini e-cig 103 atomizers
2 Mini e cig 103 batteries
1 AC-USB Adapter
1 103 USB Charger
5 103 pre-filled cartridges

 Mini e Cigarette (BE103/DSE103) 

Color White White+Black Black 
Flavor Regular tobacco   Camel   Cubana   
Flue cured tobacco   RY-4   Marl(MLB)   
Blended tobacco   5 5 5   Iced Marl(MLB)   
Virginia Tobacco   Mild 7   Congress(PLM)   
Turkish Blend   Cigar   French Pipe   
Benson Hedges   Winston   Peter Stuyvesant   
Davidoff   Hilton   Winfield   
Dunhill   Kent   ESSE   
KOOL   Salem   Marl(MLB) Mint   
Bubble Gum   Menthol   Tobacco Mint   
Mint Candy   Ice Menthol   Triple Menthol   
Strong Mint   Double Mint   Spearmint   
Peppermint   Fruit mix   Cherry   
Watermelon   Strawberry   Apple   
Melon   Blueberry   Raspberry   
Black Currant   Grape   Grapefruit   
Pineapple   Banana   Coconut   
Orange   Mango   Passion Fruit   
Lemon   Peach   Cinnamon   
Vanilla   Cream   Ice cream   
Butterscotch   Caramel   Cotton candy   
Cappuccino   Coffee   Espresso   
Chocolate   Cheesecake   Peanut butter   
Cola   Energy cow(R.Bull)   Black tea   
Fruit punch   Mountain Dew   tasteless/Unflavor   
Nicotine Density
S.High:36mg E.High:26mg High:18mg 
Medium:12mg Low:8mg Extra Low: 4mg 
Stock 4000 Piece
Price $ 15.45
Weight 330 g
View count 171723


BE103/DSE103 mini e-cigarette starter kit:

Base Packaging:                                            Characteristics:

2 mini e-cigarette 103 Atomizers                       * Diameter: 9mm
2 mini e-cigarette 103  Batteries                       * Length:   103mm (w/ cartridge)
1 Universal AC-USB Adapter                            * Weight:  16g (w/ battery)
1 103 USB Charger                                         * Package dimension: 198X88X53mm
5pcs mini e cigarette 103 cartridges                  * weight:    315 g

E-liquid content for each cattridge:0.32g
Mouthfuls for each catridge keep:about120mouthfuls
E-liquid content of each cartridge equals traditional cigarette:about 12 pcs
Content of battery :280 mAh
Nornal Working Voltage:3.6v-4.2v
Full battery can keep for :about 250mouthfuls
Charge time:2-2.5hours

super mini e cigarette_picmini e cigarette_pack_pic

How to use the BE103/DSE103 mini e-cigarette starter kit? (Pease click the link)

Desktop Rubber Sucking Holder
Rubber mouthpiece cover (510/901/CE4/5/6/H2)-5x
E-cigarette Car Holder
Lanyard with Soft Silicone Ring (for Mini e-cigs)
Universal AC-USB Adapter

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