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1只 eGo-W笔帽
1只 eGo-W烟嘴
1只 eGo-W雾化器外管
1个 eGo-W透明雾化器

 eGo-W雾化器  365ecig

颜色 黑色 不锈钢色 白色 
正常阻值 低阻值 
库存数 6000 Piece
单价 ¥20.85
重量 28 g
浏览量 117932


      eGo-W e-cigarette cartomizer set (including: 1 eGo-W pen cap, 1 eGo-W plastic inhaler, 1 eGo-W cartomizer shell, 1 eGo-W clear cartomizer)

       eGo-W cartomizer is a new generation of the electronic cigarette atomizer for eGo-W penstyle e-cigarette which contains only E-Liquid inside without any sponge material, you do not need to change the cartomizer any more by just refilling the e-liquid inside.

1. comes in a very stylish design with a pen holder which can easily be carried on ones shirt pocket and look like a normal pen
2. 1.6ml e-liquid refilled transparent atomizer/Clearomizer supports more vapes
3. Clear window see e-liquid inside, air valve to control smoke, visible e liquid atomizer indicate refilling

One eGo-W cartomizer set includes

1 eGo-W pen cap
1 eGo-W plastic inhaler
1 eGo-W cartomizer shell
1 eGo-W clear cartomizer

eGo-W cartomizer replacement parts


阻值: 正常阻值:2.9 Ohms, 低阻值: 2.0 Ohms
直径: 14mm
长度:  83mm
重量:  25g 
烟油容量:about 1.8ml
可抽口数: about 400 mouthfuls=25pcs ordinary cigarettes (16 mouthfuls of ordinary cigarette)

What e-cigarette batteries can be used in this eGo-W cartomizer?

eGo-W cartomizer can be compatible with all eGo series batteries (eGo battery, eGo MEGA battery, eGo LCD battery, eGo LCD MEGA battery, eGo USB passthrough battery)

battery for eGo-w cartomizer

How to fill the e-liquid EGO-W cartomizer?

The eGo-W Cartomizer may no be refilled with the E-Liquid for the secured shipment. You need to refill it with the E-Liquid you have ordered. You can refill the E-Liquid easily with the  Syringe/E-liquid empty Needle bottle inside the cartomizer, and connect it to the eGo battery, then you are ready to use it. Do not inject the e-liquid in the middle hole. You should inject the e-liquid in the special hole which is located at the side as shown in the followings:

how to fill e-liquid to eGo-W clear cartomizer

注意事项: Do not refill the E-Liquid to complete full level. It's better to refill the e-liquid inside for just about 80%.

How to clean EGO-W cartomizer?

       Many people ask about the cleaning of EGO-W cartomizer. The cartomizer will be dirty after a long time vaporing. It needs cleaning. BestEcig will show you how to clean your EGO-W atomizer.

Step 1: Prepare your EGO-W atomizer and a syringe which has been filled with alcohol (Alcohol instead of liquid).

Step 2: Fill the alcohol in the eGo-W cartormizer. Remember to fill it about 80% full.

Step 3: Keep the alcohol in the eGo-W cartomizer and put in aside for 24 hours.

Step 4: Draw back the alcohol to the syringe. Till the e-liquid now, the cleaning has been finished.

eGo迷你Protank-3 BDC雾化器(可调气流版)

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