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1个 7800mAh移动电源
9种 不同的USB充电头;
1条 USB充电线;
1个 便携包.
能充手机,相机,iPhone, iPad, iPod/MP3, PSP, GPS, 蓝牙设备和你的电子烟电池(充电子烟时,你需要与USB充电器一起使用,不同型号的电子烟电池用不同的USB充电器)。


库存数 1000 Piece
单价 ¥50.85
重量 40 g
浏览量 17869


Never worry about your handheld devices running out of power when you're on the go! BestEcig Mobile Power is slim, lightweight design allows you to travel in comfort and style. This high capacity mobile battery will give your devices a reliable charge of 7800 mAh when you need it the most. When to charge a device simply connect your USB cable between your device and the Mobile Power. the BestEcig Mobile Power come with 9 different USB power adapters, can charge Cell Phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod/MP3, PSP, GPS, Bluetooth and your e-cigs (you need to use it together with e-cig USB charger too, different model e-cigarette battery need to use different USB Charger).

How to use BestEcig mobile power:
1. Charge your device: connect the output of power line with your device, and connect the another end of power line plug into "Output" interface.
2. Charge the mobile power: click "Light on/off" button, the Charge LED and Power LED will be on, if the Power LED is red, means the power is less 50%, if green, means power is more 50%. If the power is less 50%, you can charge the mobile power. The "Input" port is to charge this Mobile Power, the another end of power line plug into PC or AC-USB adapter.e-cig mobile power

Input voltage: 5V+/-0.05.
Input Current: 1000 mA (Max)
Output Voltage: 5V+/-0.05
Output Current: 1000 mA (Max)
Capacity: 7800 mAh
Charging 型号:USB or AC adapter
Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Cycle life:300 times
Charging time: 5 hours
Dimension: 13*61*93mm
Net 重量:134g

电子烟E-Smart BCC版(简装版)

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