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高质量可充电式锂电池, 型号: ICR18350, 容量: 900mAh, 高输出电流:可达4A. 可用在MOD超大型电子烟中.

 ICR18350 900mAh 可充电锂电池 

库存数 10000 Piece
单价 ¥11.85
重量 25 g
浏览量 17563


High quality Lithium-ion Rechargeable Cell, 型号:ICR18350, Capacity: 900mAh,  High output current: up to 4A. It can be used in the MOD series batteries.

1. 特征:
1.1. Purpose-designed for high-performance equipment. Safe, environment-friendly, high-
performance 18350 cell.
1.2. With built-in PTC to inhibit high current surges.
1.3. Microporous barrier protects delicate internal components.
1.4. Pressure relief valve activates in the event of a rapid temperature increase.
1.5. Innovative anode design with high temperature resistance.
1.6. High performance. A high output current of up to 4A makes it compatible with various
kinds of high-drain devices.
1.7. Positive end is a standard button size allowing maximum equipment compatibility.
Compatible with most brands of 18350 hand-devices.
1.8. A battery can be recharged over 500 times.
1.9. Certified by RoHS,CE and UL

2. 参数规格:

2.1 Nominal Capacity 900mAh (0.2C, 2.75V discharge)
2.2 Minimum Capacity 850mAh(0.2C, 2.75V discharge)
2.3 Charging Voltage 4.2 ±0.05 V
2.4 Nominal Voltage 3.7V
2.5 Charging Method CC-CV
(constant voltage with limited current)
2.6 Charging Current
Standard charge: 500mA
Rapid charge : 1000mA
2.7 Charging Time
Standard charge : 3hours
Rapid charge : 2.5hours
2.8 Max. Charge Current 900mA(ambient temperature 25℃)
2.9 Max. Discharge Current 1800mA(ambient temperature 25℃)
2.10 Discharge Cut-off Voltage 2.75V
2.11 Cell Weight 25.0g max
2.12 Cell Dimension
Height : 35.00mm max
直径: 18.40mm max
2.13 Operating Temperature
Charge : 0 to 45℃
Discharge: -20 to 60℃
2.14 Storage Temperature 1 year : -20~25℃(1*)
3 months : -20~45℃(1*)
1 month : -20~60℃(1*)
Note (1): If the cell is kept as ex-factory status (50% of charge),

3. 注意事项:
3.1. Don't fold the battery cased with laminated film such as pouch and Polymer.
3.2. Don't store the battery in a pocket or a bag together with metallic objects such as keys, necklaces,hairpins, coins, or screws.
3.3. Don't short circuit (+) and (-) terminals with metallic object intentionally.
3.4. Don't pierce the battery with a sharp object such as a needle, screw drivers.
3.5. Don't heat partial area of the battery with heated objects such as soldering iron.
3.6. Don't hit with heavy objects such as a hammer, weight.
3.7. Don't step on the battery and throw or drop the battery on the hard floor to avoid mechanical
3.8. Don't disassemble the battery or modify the battery design including electric circuit.
3.9. Don't solder on the battery directly.
3.10. Don't use seriously scared or deformed battery.
3.11. Don't put the battery into a microwave oven, dryer ,or high-pressure container.
3.12. Don't use or assemble the battery with other makers' batteries, different types and/or models of batteries such as dry batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, or nickel-cadmium batteries.
3.13. Don't use or assemble old and new batteries together.

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