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- 双发热丝能产生更大更热的烟量,给你更强的击喉感和更浓的味道,但同时耗电更快及耗烟油也就更大。
- 正常阻值: 两条分别为3.6欧的发热丝并联成1.8欧总阻值;
- 低阻值: 两条分别为2.8欧的发热丝并联成1.4欧总阻值。

 鹦鹉螺BDC底部发热双发芯-5个  365ecig

正常阻值 低阻值 
库存数 10000 Piece
单价 ¥26.25
重量 22 g
浏览量 18305


*Tip:  You can directly drop 2-3 drops e-liquid to the coil wicks before you use a new coil head, you will get better tastes.


The BDC (Bottom Dual Coil) replacement coil head is a unique design for Nautilus clearomizer. they can be used in Nautilus and mini Nautilus  Dual Coil = More and hotter Vapour (but shorter battery life)!! Do not continuously use, keep properly filled for optimal performance.


If a Nautilus clearomizer does not work well, you do not need to throw away the whole clearomizer, just replace a dual coil head, the clearomizer will work like a new one. Save Money!

The wire of Our BDC Bottom Dual Coil head adopts high quality Nickel-chromium wire, can produce big vapor, no leak, no burnt smell.


Nautilus dual coil head



正常阻值: Dual 3.6 ohm coils in parallel giving a total resistance of approximately 1.8 ohms (+/- 0.2); Low reistance: Dual 2.8 ohm coils in parallel giving a total resistance of approximately 1.4 ohms (+/- 0.2)

直径: 10mm

长度: 62mm


Please click for How to change the Nautilus BDC bottom dual coil head on  Nautilus clearomizer



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