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超大电子烟油容量: 5ml. 鹦鹉螺透明雾化器可更换雾化管配件


库存数 10000 Piece
单价 ¥6.45
重量 10 g
浏览量 17180


Nautilus Pyrex Glass tank is replaceable. Big E-liquid capacity: 5ml. Nautilus clearomizer can only replace glass tank: The pyrex glass tank has a unique thread design, screw it with the upper hardware. The Pyrex glass surrounding provides best safety and healthier environment for e-liquid. This is Pyrex glass, breakable item, carefully use.


If the pyrex glass tank for Nautilus clearomizer is broken, you only need to replace new one tank, do not need to throw away the whole Nautilus clearomizer set.


材质: Pyrex Glass
颜色: Clear
直径: 22mm.
长度: 36mm
重量: 10g


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