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鹦鹉螺BDC可调气流透明雾化器配复仇女神Nemesis MOD电池仓,包含:
1套 鹦鹉螺BDC透明雾化器
1套 复仇女神Nemesis纯机械MOD电池仓
2只 AW IMR18650 2000mAh可充电电池10A
1只 锂电池通用充电器
1瓶 20ml电子烟油

 复仇女神MOD电子烟套装(配鹦鹉螺BDC 雾化器)  365ecig

颜色 不锈钢色 黑色 
烟油味道 烟草浓香型   如烟4号   骆驼   
希尔顿   七星   烟草混合型   
5 5 5   登喜路   万宝路   
百乐门   雪茄   金边臣   
云斯顿   好彩   彼得史蒂文森   
大卫杜夫   箭牌   法国烟斗   
纽宝   沙龙   薄荷   
三倍薄荷   冰薄荷   万宝路薄荷   
绿箭   留兰香   浓香薄荷   
强薄荷   泡泡糖   水果混合型   
樱桃   草莓   西瓜   
哈蜜瓜   蓝莓   菠萝   
苹果   黑加仑   葡萄   
香蕉   椰奶   香橙   
百香果   柠檬   水蜜桃   
香草   肉桂   奶油   
糖果   焦糖   甘草   
棉花糖   丁香   玫瑰   
卡布奇诺   咖啡   浓缩咖啡   
巧克力   红牛   可乐   
红茶   绿茶   胡椒博士   
私酿威士忌   乐啤露   白兰地   
香槟   维生素   无味型   
特高36mg 超高26mg 高18mg 
中12mg 低8mg 无0mg 
库存数 2000 Piece
单价 ¥158.85
重量 560 g
浏览量 112299


I. Nemesis  Mechanical MOD:


Please click for:How to use Nemesis Mechanical MOD


The Nemesis Mechanical Mod is not the traditional electronic cigarette, it is built with a sleek telescopic design concept that allows for use with all types of 1800 series Li-Ion batteries.The Nemesis mod is mechanical,there are no electronics involved – its basically a battery tube.

The Nemesis Mod consists of a simple and elegantly designed tube like device that contains raw battery power. The push of the button instantly heats the e-Liquid generated from the battery source and quickly turns that e-Liquid into a cloud of vapor smoke as you exhale. The only thing that’s needed to ignite this engine is a battery, an atomizer, and a drip tip for inhaling. After everything is assembled the Nemesis Mod creates an effect that “hits like a train” says most people.


Features of Nemesis mechanical MOD:

-Made from stainless steel,Laser etched pattern
-No circuit board, full mechanical mod
-510 threading connector
-4 battery vent holes
-Adjustable middle pole
-Adjustable airflow
-Adjustable and lockable firing switch/button
-Bottom lockable firing button
-Compatible with any atomizer/clearomizer with 510 threaded connector
-Houses single 18350/18500/18650 battery (batteries sold separately)

Parts of Nemesis Mechanical MOD


II. Nautilus BDC Adjustable Airflow Pyrex Glass Tank Clearomizer:


Please click for: How to assembly Nautilus clearomizer? How to refill e-liquid to Nautilus tank? How to adjust the Nautilus airflow?


Nautilus BDC Adjustable Airflow Pyrex Glass Tank Clearomizer is the next generation of tank systems. Made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass, the Nautilus also uses the “BDC” (Bottom Dual Coil) atomizer technology. The Nautilus has an exclusive adjustable airflow design that is revolutionarily. With a simple turn of the lower ring, you have four options to adjust airflow to meet people’s different requirements for vaping. With the option of different size air-ports, it allows the user to produce big clouds of vapor, with a pure and clean taste. With the unique Nautilus four-port system, you can now adjust how hard or soft the draw is, how warm or cold the vapor is, and how much vapor is produced. The Nautilus is also very easy to install and refill.

1)Adjustible airflow control with four options: You can control the airflow to the amount you prefer, to adjust how hard or soft the draw is, how warm or cold the vapor is, and how much vapor is produced.
2)It uses a special dual coil and can produce much more vapor
3) Threaded Pyrex glass tube is replaceable,the Pyrex glass surrounding provides best safety and healthier environment for e-liquid
4) It is a Bottom Dual Coil Changeable (BDC) "clearomizer" heating from bottom, the heating coils are placed at bottom which is much better for evaporating e-liquid, special dual coil head can produces much more vapor. They can be easily replaced, just screw, no welding or solder.
5) Big Size: 直径:22mm (completely match with the MOD series), Big E-liquid capacity: 5ml
6) Simple to fill, easy to clean, smooth airflow.
7) No burning smell, no leakage, very large vapor.
8) Compatible with all of eGo series batteries and MOD series.


Nautilus clearomizer



III. 基本包装:


Nemesis MOD Nautilus clearomizer e-cig

复仇女神MOD电子烟套装(配鹦鹉螺BDC 雾化器)包含:

*1套 鹦鹉螺BDC透明雾化器
*1套 复仇女神Nemesis纯机械 MOD电池仓
*2只 AW IMR18650 2000mAh可充电电池10A
*1只 锂电池通用充电器
*1瓶 20ml电子烟油


IV. 参数特性:


产品名称: Nemesis Mechanical MOD e-cig (with Nautilus BDC clearomizer) starter kit
主体材料: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 22mm
长度: 190mm (based on the using different Li-ion rechargeable battery)
单支烟净重 220gram (based on the using different Li-ion rechargeable battery)
Shipping 重量:560gram
阻值: 正常阻值: Dual 3.6 ohm coils in parallel giving a total resistance of approximately 1.8 ohms (+/- 0.2); Low reistance: Dual 2.8 ohm coils in parallel giving a total resistance of approximately 1.4 ohms (+/- 0.2)
气流孔尺寸: Ø0.9mm, Ø1.1mm, Ø1.4mm, Ø1.8mm
电池容量:1*18350/1*18350/1*18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery
E-liquid capacity:about 5ml
可抽口数: about 1200 mouthfuls=75pcs ordinary cigarettes (16 mouthfuls of ordinary cigarette)

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